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Nicolas Andres Mejia Mogollon


my hair is curly, my eyes are light brown, my snub nose, my lips are thick

I have braces, my skin is brown, my ears are small

am a man, and I have 16 years old, my eyebrows are populated

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My family consists of my mother Maria del carmen mogollon skin ticket is 45 years old this;

is brunette long black hair , My cat is pepita 4 years old

and I 16 years old .

I'm with my cat named pepita age is 4 years

lives in the cord since he was born and I love him like my brother

although it is very annoying and dangerous

My dog's name is pepa is 7 months old and living in the spinal

is yellow with black and weighs 30 kilos and measures a mentro with 30 cm

He is playful, affectionate and harmful

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they are my friends from junior year one

accompanied by the teacher Piedad Arce

called friends: Nicolas, Carlos, Felipe, Andres and I

I like to play video games cars, action, football

I played that day in Ibague gamebox with my girlfriend Lorena

I enjoy when I play with my friends and sometimes bet money

I would like to study medicine because it is an excellent career

save lives and sick because I like helping people and could be a good opportunity

to help without asking anything in return

I would like to study medicine at the University of Tolima Ibague headquarters

I think a good college, great and excellent

but for that I need to know a good ICFES to join it

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